Private Club Tours V’s Pubic


Private Club Tours V’s Pubic

What’s the difference?


One of the great attractions of Las Vegas is the many nightclubs that we have to offer, however if you wanted to visit each and every club you would need a few weeks and a large wallet or purse!

There is however a solution, by picking a Las Vegas Club Tour, however it’s not as easy as one would think!

Each company offers different packages, however most follow the same system…

Put a large group of people together and hope for the best!

Simple put a Public tour is a group of strangers who are bunched together for the night! You share the same transportation, the same drink selections and the same clubs! This is great if EVERYONE was the same..

Are you a sheep or a wolf pack!?

Las Vegas Beyond offers PRIVATE tours, this means for almost the same price as a PUBLIC tour you can be  a solo (Minimum 8 persons) group!

Fully private Party Bus!

Pick and choose the clubs!

Pick and choose the drinks on the party bus!

Have the night formed around YOU

So, when picking your Club Tour Company ask these questions!

  • Am I and my friends going to be with strangers?
  • I don’t like Hip-hop so can we only visit EDM clubs?
  • We want beer instead of spirits!
  • Can I customize our evening?

Because I guarantee that most of these are IMPOSSIBLE with our competition with their Public tours!

We Love Vegas, let us show you OUR town!

  • Tim Rodgers – Event Organizer – Las Vegas Beyond Tour Company
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