Vegas Dress Code


Vegas Dress Code

Dress Code:

Dress to impress, most Vegas venues will enforce a strict dress code, check before the tour! A simple mistake could ruin a night!

Pace Yourself:

Its easy to go from sober to not so sober! People stumbling around will be denied entry, keep hydrated (with water) and pace yourself through the tour!


The line “do you know who I am” will not typically work in Vegas, Please always ensure you have government issued ID (Drivers License, Passport)


No one likes a person with a bad attitude, vegas is a fun place, keep it cool, keep it fun! Listen to your hosts, listen to any security personal, they are here to keep you safe and ensure the best trip!


Las Vegas Beyond has a very strict no drug policy, so do ALL vegas establishments.  Clubs do search people and if found to posses any drugs they will take your picture and ban from the property! Keep it cool, keep it smart!