Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Where do tours get picked up from?

Answer: As we only accept Private bookings you can choose where to be picked up from! (Please call for any limiations)

Question: What is provided on the party bus?

Answer: You decide what drinks are provided! At the time of booking just let the sales agent know your preferred choice and this will be onboard.

Question: What clubs do you visit?

Answer: As we only offer Private bookings can request certain clubs to visit.  We do have a list of recommend clubs that we like to assist our customers with.

Question: Are we supposed to tip?

Answer: Our drivers and hosts on board work very hard to make sure you have a safe, good time. Although tipping is not required, please be reminded that tips are greatly appreciated, and the standard is about 20% of the full retail price of your ticket or booking. Basically, if you had a good time, please take care of your driver and host.

Question: Do the clubs play EDM or Hip Hop?

Answer: The clubs we visit cater to most music types, usually a blend of Hip-hop, EDM and other chart/popular music choices!

Question: What is the dress code?

Answer: Every club is fashionable upscale. No flip flops. No beach wear. Dress to impress. Dress codes are enforced so please show up in appropriate attire.

Ladies- Nice dresses and heels are standard. You can’t go wrong with a “little black dress”.

Men-Slacks or nice jeans, and a button up are standard. For that extra edge, throw on a blazer or jacket.

Question: Do I have to bring my ID?

Answer: YES YES YES! If you do not bring your valid photo ID, you will not be allowed entry into the club.

Question: Do we get free drinks?

Answer: When you are on the bus, you will receive complimentary drinks. Once you are in the club, you must pay for your own, unless pre-arranged with our sales staff.

Question: Do you take us back to our hotel?

Answer: The final stop will be at the last club. You will be responsible for your own transportation back to your hotel. Unless an alternative plan is arranged at the time of booking.

**Coming Real Soon, call us for info**
When this tour is launched and our customers ask questions this will fill up 🙂


·         Everyone must have a valid photo ID to enter into ANY nightclub in Las Vegas. If the ID is expired, please try to get a new one before your visit. If you have the expired and a paper form that is given upon renewal, that may work. If you have any questions on ID’s, please contact the individual clubs.

·         Absolutely no drugs allowed inside the club. If anyone brings any illegal substance and tries to enter the club, they WILL find it and will escort them off the property and blacklist them from the club. At that point, they may be asked to leave the tour based on the host and driver of the party bus’s discretion. Better safe than sorry.

·         Dress codes are strictly enforced for men. Please ensure that they are dressed properly. Things listed below are “no-go’s” for men, while women can usually get away with much more.

·         Drinking is fun, but if a guest is visibly stumbling or vomiting, entry may be denied. If entry is denied due to intoxication, the tour host and company holds no responsibility. Moderation is key.

·         Attitude is everything. If a guest has attitude to a door guy, security guy, or promoter, they have the right to deny entry. Door guys are there to enforce ID and dress code policies. So have a good attitude and a good time!

·         Your host will text you day of your tour to reconfirm everything. Please remember to save your hosts phone number. If you need them while inside the club, or before the tour starts you can call them and ask them any questions.

·         While on the tour, your host will give you important information. Please instruct guests to listen to your host for information regarding meeting times, places, etc. Your bus is loud, so if your host can’t be heard you may miss out.

·         Drinks on the bus are complimentary, drinks in the club aren’t. Remember to bring money if you’d like to purchase drinks in the club.

·         Things that are not allowed in nightclubs are:

o   Pill bottles (not even aspirin-if you have a medical condition in which you need something, please bring a doctor’s note, or prescription. They still have the right to deny the prescription into their club.)

o   Vaping/e-cigarette canisters (some will allow it, some will not. It’s best to just not bring them, or check with each individual club that you are going to on their personal rules regarding this)

o   Selfie sticks (Most will ask you to leave it at their door area, which may have a chance to be stolen, so bring at your own risk)

o   Flasks (They will find them. Most clubs have metal detectors)

o   Weapons of ANY kind (pocket knives and weapons of the like are absolutely not permitted.)

·         If you choose a photo stop at the Las Vegas Sign, we can arrange a professional photographer to take your photos. This is highly recommended due to the darkness of everyone standing in front of a bright sign. The cost is approximately $5 per person in cash only (they work on your generosity), and they will airdrop your photos to your iPhone immediately. If you don’t have an iPhone, your host can email your photos to you the very next day.


Dress Code!

For men:



Work Boots

Loose Fitting or Baggy Jeans

Athletic Shoes (sneakers, Jordan’s, etc.)

Athletic Attire


Hats (fedoras and stylish headwear can be exceptions)


Ed Hardy or Christian Audigier Style Gear


Recommended attire for men:

Dress pants or nice jeans without holes

Button up shirts

Throw on a jacket and tie to make an impression

Dress shoes


Recommended attire for ladies:

Dress or jumpsuit

Heels or wedges (some sandals are permitted, but no crocs, Birkenstocks or similar)

Dress pants, or dress shorts (nice jeans are fine, but not recommended)

Fashionable shirts (try to stay away from t-shirts)